The Power of Receiving

Fall on the Monterey Peninsula is beautiful. The lighting has a softer hue with a golden tint. A hush comes over nature as the wild things prepare for winter. The seals are fat and happy on the beaches and position themselves to absorb the maximum sunlight before the cold of winter descends. The humans too feel the change after the kids go back to school and families get back to our fall routines.

At the Spa there is also a shift. Our clients  are usually tired after a fun summer of family and adventure in which they were usually responsible for the planning, the organization and the serving for large family gatherings and oh yes the endless clean up. It is a bitter sweet time. Joyful but sometimes exhausting as there is little time for being alone or experiencing self reflection.

As a massage therapist I often see this fatigue and I witness the energetic transformation as my client slips into a position of receiving. This is a deep, nurturing place, rarely encountered in our busy, linear lives. At the Spa we recognize that this attention and deep focus have the ability to heal and it is for this very reason that most of us enter the profession.  The beautiful spa amenities, soft music, and artwork  gently hold the space as the therapist’ healing touch and deep listening take the client into an altered state of peace and tranquility.

With these thoughts in mind I designed several specialty Spa Packages promising to induce these deep states of relaxation.

Stressless Massage 80 min. 155.00

This relaxing massage focuses on stress points on the back, feet and neck. Steamy hot towels are applied and includes fine essential oils to alleviate tension.

LED/ Microcurrent Facial & Oxygen Therapy80 mins $175.00

Vitamin C&E Serum Concentrate Micro-current, LED infrared light and concentrated oxygen are a potent trio when it comes to revitalizing sun damaged skin cells .

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