4-Step Morning Ritual

1. Begin the day with gratitude.

Turning over in my bed I watch the light of the sunrise fill my room with golden light and murmur my thanks for this new day, a thank you for my healthy body and my comfy bed. I rise in the still, semi-dark, a hushed time before most people stir and a time that feels sacred.


I spread my prayer rug, light a candle and sit. I watch, a curious spectator, observing patterns of thought and following my breath. I begin a micro motion at the base of the spine. By focusing on the micro circular motion that moves up and down the spine, I can sit for extended time without pain.  I have learned there is no such thing as a static body but instead there is a beautiful array of micro motion that gives us the grace of a dancer even in a sitting meditation.  And so I sit, free of pain and without judgment.  I do not cast my thoughts away as pesky mosquitoes but rather view them as parent might observe a rambunctious toddler. I am finally at peace with my imperfections.

  1. Spinal warm up.

From sitting meditation I begin my kundilini spinal warm up starting with a mantra; Ong, Namo, Guru Dev, Namo, which means, I bow to the divine creator within. My breath is focused and my eyes are closed. Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine and so I begin with a spinal flex at the base of the spine. Holding the ankles I inhale and flex the spine forward, on the exhale I flex the spine backwards. The exercises move upward to the crown chakra utilizing the breath and full spinal movement to allow the “kundilini” energy to flow easily. It also has the added  benefit of curing me of all back pain. 

  1. Connection.

After the kundilini exercises I sit an additional five minutes in meditation and enjoy the fireworks! Pulsating vibrations and visions of electrical interconnectivity can often be felt and seen after this practice and upon opening my eyes I feel the possibilities of the day are limitlessness.


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