Kundalini Rising

Dance SoloI was at Esalen this weekend for another Soul Motion Dance workshop with Arjuna and I want to share my kundalini experience!

The sacred spiral is one of the building blocks of the Universe. Interestingly it is also the motion of the kundalini or shakti that runs up the spine through the crown chakra. In Soul Motion this subtle micro movement is the foundation of our dance.

kundaliniDuring my dance this weekend I began to follow the spiral of energy up the spine  and was profoundly shaken by the discovery of a a blockage at my throat chakra. I literally started to gag as I felt the energy’s inability to move past this point. When I finally felt the release I burst out in tears of gratitude for this powerful lesson.

I have spent a lifetime swallowing my words in order to maintain a harmonious environment. I know this problem is common for many women. As the peace makers in the household we value harmony above all else. Of course, what results is a burning resentment which, in my case, actually expressed itself as bile!

What I love about dance is that this emotional lesson was manifested in the physical. Speak up dear sisters. You are wise and powerful and have a lot to say. Also dance, sing and laugh….this helps!


3 thoughts on “Kundalini Rising”

  1. HI,
    This is so common among men as well. Those of us sensitive to our environment that somehow learned that speaking up and establishing good boundaries was the way to peace. That subverting the wisdom that would speak through us to power, or that might run the risk of upsetting someone was the way to maintain peace, or at least stave off harm…..turns out the opposite is true

    1. Yes,
      Your right. A better word is feminine principal. We all have both the male and female principle. It’s just wear we happen to fall on the continuum. Thank you for the insightful comment.

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