I am the Master

It is time to own my mastery and shed the persona of a young women and step into my power. Goddess-Dancing

Recently, while studying a form of dance called “Soul Motion” at Esalen, our revered dance teacher Vinn Marti alias “Arjuna”gathered us in a circle. He began the exercise by stating ” I am known by many as Vinni, but now I am Arjuna.” We were all asked to step forward with a form of self identification. In this group there were many name changes and unique expressions of self were offered.

I nervously waited my turn, doubting my creativity and my ability to speak coherently. I had some vague idea of what I was going to say but I was mostly mesmerized by the statements of those who came before me.

My turn came and with courage I stepped into the circle.  “As a child I was called Cammy, as a woman I became Camille and as an elder I am (here I raised my arms high and spoke with authority) the goddess.” Whew where did that come from and wow that felt great!

Stepping into our mastery as elders is the natural transition in our spiritual evolution. Do we have the confidence and the wisdom to own that role? This is a new journey for me and I plan to meet the challenge with joy and humility.




Guiltless Desserts

080-001The much touted nutritional benefits or raw cacao range from reducing cataracts to improving heart function to alleviating stress. Some claim that raw cacao is a mild, non-addictive stimulant that can treat depression. It may cause the brain to produce more of a neurotransmitter called anandamide which would account for the euphoric sensation some feel when indulging in chocolate. Raw Cacao is high in antioxidant flavanoids, sulfur and magnesium. Also the essential fatty acids found in chocolate may help the body to raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

So lets switch to a raw cacao dessert. Anyone up for
Raw Cacao Bliss Balls?

1 1/2  Cups Almond Meal   If you have a food processor you can make your own.

12  Dates Pitted

2 tsp. Vanilla

1/2 Cup Raw Cacao

2 Tbs. Honey

1/2 Avocado

Blend all of the ingredients together and you get a yummy chocolate paste. Roll them in 2 inch balls . They are delicious. Similar to truffles but oh so much better for you. Only 120 calories!