Live Life Happily Die Majestically


Iyengar 2On August 20, 2014 BKS Iyendar died a robust 95 year old. In 1952 he introduced yoga to the west and brought yoga from obscurity to the mass popularity we witness today. I always considered Iyengar my teacher. I only saw him once, in SanFrancisco, in the 1990s where he demonstrated how yoga can heal certain ailments. He was mesmerizing and I was inspired by his powerful presence and his vast knowledge.

I first studied yoga at the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco with Iyengar’s  Master Student, Manousoan enigmatic teacher who taught with a precision and intensity that appealed to me. I was an triathlete at the time and the detailed exploration of the poses’ alignment became a meditation for me. I also noticed a new grace in my walk and a greater sense of balance physically and emotionally.

Although having practiced since 1985,  there have been long periods when I have forgotten my practice.  Work, motherhood and even hiking became distractions but l always turned back to yoga during emotional turmoil or in response to health concerns. I consider yoga my spiritual home base.

Yoga is also my physical home base and precludes all my other activities. Hiking and dancing, my two passions, are supported by yoga. A straight spine and a strong flexible body are essential for good health. I am able to avoid injuries and explore the tightness, or the blockages and through breath and stretching heal myself. I am very grateful for the excellent teachers I have had over the years and I know that my yoga practice will enable me to grow old gracefully.


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